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7 Des 2009

New FPS Game XShot in Indonesia

After several months, we are presented with a variety of FPS type games such as Point Blank, Cross Fire and WarRock, now another new FPS game that will soon enter the market XShot Indonesia. Brief XShot similar Left4Dead, but if examined further, which features a more complete game
XShot itself was developed by the online game developers come from China is KingSoft, and to in Indonesia, published by the Winner Online, one of the largest game publisher from Thailand. XShot offers many modes to play, and the Winner Online feel confident that a lot of games that the gamers have never played these games in other FPS

1. Mommy Mode
Here, the gamers have to hunt for the mummy, but also should take heart, because it may have been one of the gamers have been turned into a mummy. One game mode is similar to Left4Dead. There are many maps for this mummy mode, such as: Pharaoh Temple, and the basin of a river valley spinning wheel. This mummy fashion reminiscent of game Left4Dead.

2. Ghost Mode
Gamers should keep their base from the bomb attacks carried out by a ghost. Gamers can choose to be a team or a team of human ghosts. Ghost team must destroy the human base, while the human team must be able mempertahakan their headquarters.

3. Occupation Map
Gamers can choose one of 2 teams, and their mission is a war for your opponent's headquarters. That can control your opponent's headquarters declared the winner.

4. Match Bomb
A single mode is similar to Counter Strike, where the team acts as a counter terrorist, and other teams as terroris. Terrorist counter-party must be able to keep their headquarters from the terrorist bomb attacks.

5. Death Match
Kill all the enemies as possible, and that kills the most declared the winner.

6. Team Deathmatch and Team Match
Similar to Deathmatch mode, but the team played. There will be 2 types of options in play mode. The first is if you die, can live again in a few seconds later (similar to Point Blank). The second option is if you die, have to wait until the game was over (similar to counter strike)

XShot this game already supports Dolby Surround, which provides a very interesting experience in playing it.


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